Paranormal Activity

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

So people... Today is an awesome day. The main reason is because, I attended my business law class and got my mid sem result back. Guess what?! I got a freaking 27/30! How awesome is that? Woohoo! Happy happy happyyyy! :D Ohya, not to forget that my friend, Bhakti arrived today. Anyhow, after the class, went to Chadstone. Initial plan was to watch Avatar, apparently everyone is saying it is nice. Is it so? Hmm. So yea, when we were there, decided to watch Paranormal Activity instead. Avatar can wait till Jinhan come down on monday. Ok, about paranormal activity. I wouldn't say it suck but.... it's ok la for a low budget movie. The movie cost only $15k but the gross profit is $141m. Wtf! The producer earn heaps of moneyyy. Damn! The rating of the movie I give is 3.5/5. I still do not get it why or how did the movie get the 'Scariest Movie of The Year' and also how did my friend not sleep for 2days because of that? Weirddd. There are just a few scary parts in the movie, I think 3 parts. Even so, they're not like realllyyyyy scaryyyy. There you go, that's my review for the movie.


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