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>> Thursday, December 24, 2009

I want to have a White Christmas...

So... It's already Christmas Eve. Sorry for not blogging so often, was seriously very lazy. Well, the main reason was because my friend was here with me and also my family. A few quick update of what happened the previous few days.

19th of Dec - Awesome day, went DFO to shop. Bought shirts, pants and also a pair of shoes. Nice! Discount is EVERYWHERE!!! Wootwoot! (;

20th of Dec - Not so awesome day... On the way to city by tram, got fine by the freaking jobless undercover inspector -.- Seriously, go get a proper job you lifeless people! 170aud gone just like that ): Could have use it to buy the Calvin Klein jumper that I really really wanted. Gah!

21th of Dec - The bad luck followed. Went to city for shopping again. Yeap, I said Shopping again. I was in a shopping spree mood. OMG! 1st time @__@ Anyhow, yea. Found Havainas thongs! FINALLY! Woohoo! Although that's 1 good thing but when I was going back, Bhakti lost my house key. Wtf right? I swear that his new shoe brings bad luck wei! 1st day = fine, 2nd day = lost house key -.- Luckily for me, he paid for the locksmith fees which cost 99aud. Expensive please!

22nd of Dec - Sis bday! Bhakti found back the key in the city where he left it in a shop. Thankgod! Family arrived. Not to forget, my baby 'guitar' arrived! Happyhappy me! Lol!

23rd of Dec - Yesterday, nothing much except that I finally cut my hair! Hahaha! Feel so nice after cutting it. Suprisingly my hairdresser who is a korean can speak Malay.... I was like ' wow!'. That's all for yesterday.

24th of Dec - Which is today. Christmas eve, yay! Going to stay at home the whole day but having dinner tonight with relatives and 1 of my uni friend. I gotta feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night! (;


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