>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crap! I have lots of thing to say but I'll just try and keep it short. Hahaha. Yesterday was a quite good day. Dota and cs all day long with uni friend. Its been awhile since I dota with REAL HUMAN! lolll XD Besides, there's this incident happened yesterday. Hahahaha! Feel so stupid and funny. Rather keep it to myself so that I don't embarrassed myself. XP Oh, and in that incident, I got mocked by a guy through the phone telling me "hey vj. don't tell anyone about this right?" After that, he just laughed non-stop. =.= STUPID! Hahaha! So today went to the city to meet up with few uni friends, well to be exact, it's actually Chapel St. Damn! The street is just full of shopssss. Walk until I can die k? Girls will like it there, No Doubt! Haha! And when we're there, I experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity of going shopping with rich people! I am just... Amazed! 0.o They just walk in a store and see what they like and then, "OK! I'm getting that. I'm gonna pay by credit please. Thankyou" Woah! Richhh people wei! $.$ Lol. Between, we went to this Adidas store and I saw this adidas shoe! "I'm gonna get you soon!" ;D It's so nice and inexpensive (at least is among the cheapest) Hehehe:P Also, this shopkeeper came and asked me a few questions and then he asked me whether I wanna work in a new open Adidas branch near my place. Hmm. Woohoo! Newsagent doesn't want me, Adidas wants me! Haha! :D

List of things that I want:
i) that Adidas shoe
ii) that Lacoste shoe
iii) that Adidas bag
iv) CS vaio laptop
v) Iphone 3Gs


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