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>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello people! I'm back!(; Well, the previous two post was done by a wonderful person, KimberlyYap(: Thanks alot. Oh, that's if you guys realize after the end of each post :D Kim, when I go back, I'll buy you 2 nasi lemak k? We go eat, hehehe :P Also, I got complained today by miss kuo thus I'm back to blog! Sorry kuoleeching, totally forgot to blog just now during night, was watching movies. Well, it's better to be late than never right? Haha. Ok, tomorrow my 3rd sem which is also my final sem (woohooo!) is starting. Business law, marketing management and accounting (again) );

Let me update you guys what I did for my 3 longggg weeks of holidays:
b)Club every week (eve was ok, prefer se7en) except last week (goodboy kot :P)

c)My old pal, mr cassidy visited me from Sdyney. Such a nice friend right? (as if la, he just wanna club XD)
d)Went to casino just to have dinner for 2 straight nights (did not gamble, goodboy too, hehe)
e)Fun time at the beach with fadz and cass except for the fact Someone lost tickets of 240aud -.-
f)Went for the Australia vs Oman game at Etihad Stadium (awesomeee, saw Kewell and Cahill, my idol)

I need a job as soon as possible!!! Need money to buy christmas tree and lightning to decorate my room. So that at least I have some christmas atmosphere when the day comes.

就是开不了口 让她知道
就是那么简单几句 我办不到
整颗心悬在半空 我只能够远远看著


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