Malaysia is in the Game?!

>> Monday, May 17, 2010

14th May which was on friday night, went for russell peters. Awesome. Gotta love that guy. Don't understand why some people haven't heard of him, if you haven't already heard of him. Go YOUTUBE. You're guaranteed a good time laughing your ass off (; The show started at 8pm but before that was DJ Scratch and DJ Spinback playing some awesome songs ;D The venue was at Rod Laver Arena, basically full house except the side seatings which nobody wants it because you won't really get a good view. Russell was just pure awesome. Pity those people who sat at the front row tho. HAHA! Situation 1: "Hey man, where're you from?" "Erm, Euthopia?" "Oh, man! You're so black and why are you so fat compared to others Euthopians? Did you get out of the country just in time before everyone starve?" LOL! Idiot. Situation 2: To a family that was sitting right infront "Family affair... Oh wait, I don't mean those 'affair'. Not like your son's gf gonna fuck the dad' Lol. The crowd went nuts saying 'OH! DAMN!" HAHAHA! Situation 3: To a guy who was with his gf "Hey man, do you remember your first time having sex? Did you cum right away or what?" Camera was zoomed at that guy. HAHA! Kesian. Of all people to be pick, he was the unlucky 1. Lmao XD Anyhow, the show ends at 10pm. Next day, went for Buddha's Day at Federation Square. Prayed and walked around. Won a mystery gift by completing the treasure hunt provided by the BLIA (Buddha something something Association). Well, not exactly a treasure hunt but stamp hunt. Haha. As for today, went to DFO South Wharf. Played Fifa World Cup 2010 at JB HiFi. HOLYMAMA! Malaysia is in the game. People, go buy the game. Be proud. Not only that, the team is the official team of malaysia. Fuckme! Fucking awesome pls. PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN. LOLOL! Finally, next Monday for Australia vs New Zealand. Bought the ticket that cost me $90aud. Not too bad tho as the seating is right infront and also it is a farewell match for the socceroos before they leave for the world cup.


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